Due to Covid19 we want to assure you we have followed the appropriate steps and regulations to keep everyone safe.

Masks and hand sanitizer are required.

We are excited to organize teams once again when this pandemic settles.

Please ask us about how you can join our programs. We are always happy to speak with you.

Welcome to Vail Blaze Basketball!

We are excited to share our team players moments and game experiences with you.

We are a non profit organization that offers basic basketball skill set training to youths and young adults.

If basketball is a passion or you would like to learn how to play, come and join our program.

We can discuss options for joining at vailblazebball@gmail.com

Automated Basketball Hoop Game Rental

Ask about rental rates for your event or party!

With our current pandemic at hand, we know how much of a disruption this has caused all of us.

To bring back some fun we offer our Sports game for your entertainment.

Ask about renting our Automated Basketball hoop game.

It is the best rebounder around, the ball will automatically shoot back to you after every basket.

Great for beginners and advanced players. The whole family can have great time. 

Used for team practices as well as a sports option that is safe and fun.

Automated Basketball Hoop Game

Automated Basketball Hoop game available for rental! 

Ask us about rates!!

Basketball Auto Hoop Game

Non stop fun, the ball comes back to you after every shot!

"We are ready to help you learn basketball fundamentals"

Blaze Coaches

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